Bone marrow registry and other life saving ways of being a donor

Be the possible match for someone who is fighting for their lives!

Also look into-
about more information regarding being an Organ Donor (which you can sign up for at your local DMV when you get your license)

And of course- Give blood! American Red Cross is always having blood drives around towns- stop in and give a pint!
One pint can save up to 3 lives! Every 2 seconds someone needs blood, so give some of your’s up that will be replaced quickly.


World Concern


This is a wonderful charity that I support wholeheartedly- and I think everyone should!
When you give to World Concern, 94% of every dollar—cash plus gifts-in-kind—goes directly to programs that serve the poor. Wise stewardship is important to us, and we work hard to keep administrative costs down.“- From their website-
They get a 4 star rating which is the highest rating possible by Charity Navigator.

Check them out and remember- Christmas is coming up, what better way to show someone you loved them than donating in their name to an awesome charity that helps people live and thrive?

Changed over!

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I was having too many problems with Blogger so let’s try out WordPress 🙂

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