Course Correction with God at the Helm

In the last week I have been accepted into the newly made Master’s of Divinity in Chaplaincy program at my school.
I can hear God laughing.
You see, I’m very excited about the new program and I have the knowledge that this will be extremely helpful in my career. But, I was SO close to graduating with my Master’s of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS). So close! I could see the finish line.
Now…that finish line is yet another year away.
It’s a blessing that this program is even being offered- especially before I graduate, thus causing me to have to pay for a whole new degree, rather than just switching and adding a couple more classes. Which, believe me, graduating THEN finding out about the new program? That would have so depressing and annoying.
Even the idea of the program being offered while I was still here in school? Totally a God thing.
I had started out my Seminary career as a Master’s of Divinity in Pastoral Studies (M.Div) with an emphasis on Chaplaincy student, but had to change programs midway through the first semester. My arch nemesis, i. e. the Greek language, was winning the battle.
God gave me a little bit of hard earned clarity during that semester. When two professors come to talk to you, at different times in the same day, without discussing it; to tell you to get out of Greek now, you listen.
Both professors, one of them being my Greek teacher, told me to get out while the getting was good. My stubbornness was starting to bring down my grades in my other classes. Because I was so stressed out and working so hard to finish my Greek homework, my other classes were bearing the brunt of it.
So, with a disheartened attitude I withdrew from the class and changed my program.
While technically the MAPS program is a better program for the Chaplain training, hospitals prefer the M.Div. If two people were applying for the same degree, most hospitals choose the M.Div. Even though the MAPS is technically better due to all the counseling classes (The language requirement for the M.Div shows perseverance supposedly).
I started to question my understanding of God’s will for my life. I started to question if I was reading His leading right. So many questions that I struggled with that first year! I loved the classes I was attending, classes that I wouldn’t have been able to go to in the M.Div., but still, I wondered.
Now, a total of three years later, I am at the end of my MAPS program and just needing to do my internship. And God shows me the course correction that I was unaware of. So many things lined up when they shouldn’t have! All because God has his hands on my life.
I came in on the Advanced Track- I should have graduated within 2 years.
• I had to stay full time, but classes I needed weren’t being held until a different semester, than the one I was presently on.
• Classes that I took as electives- to stay full time- worked perfectly into my new M.Div Chaplaincy program.
• The very fact that because it took me 3 years to finish a 2 year program, I am still in a place to do the new degree.
• The fact that a professor mentioned it in passing.
• That it had just been passed through committee and they were allowing people to switch that very day.
• That I was accepted into the program so quickly and easily.
Because I had allowed God to steer my life as He saw fit, He lined everything up for me. Even though I was still disheartened over not getting the M.Div I thought I had to have, he was guiding me to something so much better!
He knew the plans He had for me. He kept me from so much stress and heartache, as well as failure, so that I would be ready for His next step.
How amazing is my God?!
I’m eager to see where this new M. Div will take me, I’m eager to learn and put into practice what I’m learning.
I can make it one more year to stay in accordance with God’s plan for me. This is what I was waiting for. These where the signs that I needed to have my eyes opened.
God gave me what I thought I needed, but the way I needed it.
And the best thing?
The new Master’s of Divinity for Chaplaincy doesn’t have Greek!


God has plans for me. He has plans for you. God has plans for each person that has, is,  and will be walking on this earth. We were made for a purpose, something that only we can do, at that perfectly designed time. They might be world changing moments or moments that change one person. Each person has an extremely important  thing they must do, sometimes we complete that purpose and sometimes we do not.

God continually sets us into places where we can live out our purpose. I am in the process of trying to figure out if the opportunities that are being placed before me are truly what and how God wants me to work in fulfilling my own purpose. I know WHAT God wants me to do, just not the HOW of doing it. My concern with this is that I do everything in line with God’s will, no matter my own fear. In the last three weeks possibilities have been thrown at me and I am in a daze.

I am desperately seeking prayer right now, from anyone who is willing to pray for me.

Trying to explain the concern I have to others who know me makes it seem as if I’m afraid- which I admit I am in some ways. But the true concern I have is that the opportunities that are being presented are truly what God has planned for me.

He has given me the passion for a topic that is rarely talked about. Now he is presenting me with the ways to get that topic out into the mainstream of communication.

God has plans for me. I just pray that I am truly hearing his leading and not others’ promptings.I am praying also that I work pass my own fear so that I don’t ‘refuse’ to hear God’s voice and what he is telling me to do.

Please join me in praying for this opportunity that has been presented to me. Pray that I hear God’s promptings clearly with no confusion and that others don’t play on my fear, making me question his promptings.

When more information is available and things are put in stone, I will let you know more.

Thanks for praying!

Psalm 32:8– I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.