Lost innocence

Today, once again, the radios and the tvs are full of violence. Within days of a mall shooting, even more lives are lost and this time in the place where innocence is suppose to thrive. In moments of such terror and horror, we blame God for letting this happen.
“If God was good, he would have stopped this…”
“How could God let this happen?!”
And many more angry outbursts against a loving God.
I do not feel the need to defend God. He’s big enough to withstand misunderstandings, anger, and even hatred. He loves us no matter what language and emotions we throw at him. So in our sorrow, don’t turn away from him, but rather give it all to him. God can handle it. He wants it all. And he is grieving for us just as much as we are for ourselves.
The main thing we should be concerned about are those who lost their innocence today. Parents who are grieving the lost of their precious little children. 20 innocent souls today were lost. 6 adults who worked with those students and tried to protect them, are also gone. As well as one person whose unknown emotional state caused so much damage. 27 people are gone and the community is hurting. The children who survive will spend the rest of their life struggling with what happened today. Adults will cast blame and will not get the answers they seek. We need to focus on what matters the most- caring for the families who are grieving, and making sure the children are protected.
A mall in Oregon has opened it’s doors again and eventually, the elementary school will once again open to allow children in to learn in Connecticut. We should never forget the tragedies that have happened there. We should learn and change because of it. Our job is to protect the innocent. May we offer refuge to the hurting, and be the voice of reason to those who have become lost.
We wish that this would never happen again, but sadly in a world full of broken people who are steeped in sin, we are seeing this too much.
May the Lord come soon so that the world may be made new again.
Praying for all of us.