About the writer:

Hey curious people! My name is Ranelle Gildersleeve. I am a recent graduate of seminary who is still working my way through a paper that is close to my heart- Disabilities and the Church. God has been working on reshaping my understanding of my place in the church as well as the world. As I ready myself for internship as a hospital Chaplain, I’m seeing how what I’ve learned in Bible college and seminary is shaping the way I interact with the Bible and the world.

As a firm believer of  the Triune God, I find myself looking more closely at relationships and the interactions of all mankind to one another. Because of the God I worship, I see the need for a church that is relationally connected to all members of it’s congregation. This blog is a way of me exploring different relationships and above all reveling in the God I worship. My prayer is that if nothing else what I write may make you stop and think, considering the ways of God the Father, Lord Jesus Christ,  and the Holy Spirit in their love for humanity.

If the God I follow loves my fellow human how can I do anything less?

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