Christians, Be Careful What You Say On Facebook

Very well written and something I agree with fully. We are called to love and not condemn. It is only through God’s love that anyone can truly change. We all have sins we don’t want discussed, but remember –God hates ALL sin equally. That includes gossip just as much as perversion of the flesh.

Please read this article and always remember — people are watching and judging the God you love by your actions.

Christians, Be Careful What You Say On Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Christians, Be Careful What You Say On Facebook

  1. ll over the internet good Christians call for transgender folk to be put in male prison where we will hopefully be brutalized and perhaps killed because it’s what we deserve or we are pervets after your children and we should be turned over to ISIS because they will torture an kill us for being who we are
    why does it offend you so much that we don’t live our life according to your liking

    • I am so heartbroken over the way fellow Christians have reacted to this topic. I am so sorry that you have been personally hurt by the words and actions of those who profess to believe in a loving God. Please know that not all of us are like that.
      I wish I had an answer for why people react the way they do, viciously and without thought to the damage they leave behind. This can be said for any person no matter where they stand on any issue. Not just “Christians.”
      I do not judge those who live lives differently than mine. We are all lost at some point in our lives. We are all in need of the grace given by a loving sacrificial God. Sadly, our actions cause people to look at that God with angry hate filled eyes.
      We are called to love. That’s always easier said than done.
      This repost was to be a reminder that we need to be careful with our conversations. We need to speak in love. We will never agree one hundred percent and it is not up to us to change the hearts of people. Only God can.
      Please know- I don’t hate you. And please, try not to judge my God by the actions of broken people. You are loved more than I can ever express.
      Thank you for being brave enough comment. If one day we meet, I hope we give each other a hug.

      • I am willing to give anyone a chance but I will not suffer abuse i have found if you turn the other cheek it emboldens the abuser and they strike again with self righteous

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