Disabilities and Justice

In under two weeks I will have the honor of speaking at a workshop during the Justice Conference of Portland. While the actual Justice Conference is being held in LA, Portland will be streaming it along with having a breakout session the day before. To be asked to come to my former school (Multnomah University) by a former professor to talk about something I have researched and studied for the last seven years is a great honor and an amazing step forward. My workshop will be called “The Disabled: A Forgotten Minority.”
The Justice Conference is a great opportunity to speak to active members of the church as well as extraordinary workers of many ministries. To have the chance to bring their attention to the topic of the disabled in the church and talk with such knowledgeably engaged people will be a tremendous learning curve. I am so eager to have the chance to learn from their experiences.
I am no expert. To quote Albert Einstein, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” I am a firm believer that I will never know everything about this very important topic. But I can’t wait to be part of the conversation.
It has been so wonderful to see the theologians finally bending their considerable minds to how the church needs to interact with those who are disabled. It is a very long time in coming, and it has a far way to go.
So PLEASE keep me in your prayers as I work on my lecture and on the 21st when I am in front of so many amazing people to share my heart.  Pray that God will hijack my mouth and just use that time to make his plan shine.
So excited and nervous about this opportunity!  


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