Oscar Pistorius: allegations vs rumor

These last couple of days have come bearing sorrowful news from South Africa.
Oscar Pistorius, whom I eagerly watched during the Olympics, is (according to the latest media, which is iffy regarding this topic) being charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, supermodel Reeva Steenkamp on Feb 14- Valentine’s Day.
I truly do not know the truth about what happened. The media is being very confusing because of the time difference and the fact that the police of South Africa are being very closed mouth over the proceedings. There are numerous ‘leaks’ that are happening, whether from the police, the family or the opposing side, it doesn’t matter, there are too many rumors and not enough fact floating around.
Is he guilty of wanting to murder Reeva? I do not know. I do not know his heart, I do not know what was happening, and I am not in the courtroom.
All I do know for sure: a woman was killed.
Reeva Steenkamp’s life was cut short. We shouldn’t spend time cursing Pistorius, but rather spend the time praying that justice will be served no matter the outcome. Reeva deserves justice.
Yes, it saddens me that someone who I saw a lot of potential in fall so far. No matter what the outcome of the trial is- Oscar Pistorius will no longer be considered the hot ticket. He has lost the support of the companies who had him on their advertising, and I highly doubt the Olympic games would touch him with a 10 foot pole.
People have already painted him guilty and no matter the conclusion of this trial he will carry that guilt with him for the rest of his life.
Did he fire a gun whose bullets killed a woman? Yes.
The purpose of him grabbing that gun: was it to protect himself from a possible intruder or was it to kill the woman he lived with due to a fight? I do not know.
My heart breaks for the Steenkamp family who have lost a beloved family member.
And, from my disability activist heart- I mourn the loss of what Pistorius could have done for every disabled sportsperson out there. He gave hope that in time amputees could have the chance to compete in the Olympic arena. This is still a hope, but sadly the next one to try to break into the arena will have the shadow of Pistorius hanging off of them.
Oscar Pistorius is a broken man. He is not evil, he is human. He is facing judgment and no matter what we say in either detriment or support, God will ultimately have the last say.
I pray justice will be served no matter how it looks.
May God have mercy on all those who are involved in this tragic event.


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