Steady it goes

Well, school has started. My last semester here before I graduate. It’s not quite what I thought this semester would look like, but it’s a growth experience, that’s for sure.
One thing that I am doing is teaching a class. Things for it are not lining up exactly how I thought they were going to. The professor I’m suppose to teach under, can’t be present due to overbooking his day, which is extremely disappointing because I was eager to hear someone else on the topic of disability. Of the four students signed up for it, only two have come to class. At least these two people are eager about the topic, and can pull from personal experience during discussions. I’m eager to listen to them when they do their lectures. And don’t even get me going on the IT stuff. :-/ Not fun. Computer isn’t working half the time…
There are a lot of annoyances dealing with this class. My mom drove it home though. I must be doing what God wants if Satan is busy annoying me.
This topic obviously needs to be talked about on campus. I was interviewed by the Alumni Magazine regarding the class and will hopefully be part in an upcoming panel regarding disabilities on a Bible campus. People are asking. People are talking. And I’m struggling. I’m struggling with disappointment, frustrations, and annoyances. So God must be moving on this campus. It is only when I feel like I am truly in line with God’s purpose that I struggle with these emotions. Because someone is trying to discourage me from continuing. So I better keep talking and spreading the word.
Some of my frustrations have to do with the foot though. I’m in a boot now, which is great and very painful. I’m on the part where I can start adding weight to it…it feels like I’m walking on hot pins. Then when I put my foot up it feels like I kicked a hive of bees. Fun fun.
It has taught me a lot about patience…and planning every step before taking it. Though I’ll be honest, can’t wait to be able to walk outside without anything but a regular shoe on my foot. Oh, to get in the car and run a quick errand by myself! Ahh, yes. I am dealing with cabin fever in an extreme way. (Also I think crutches are horrid invention that just causes pain!) But, the only way this will happen is taking it slow. One foot in front of another (supported by crutches), and going through all the steps that the doctor decrees.
It will all work out to the Glory of God. This I know and expect. God is good. He is just and loving, and he has only good planned for me. So I will trust. And hopefully keep my annoyances to a minimum when dealing with health and school.


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