Political agonies

I’m not a fan of politics. I know its a ‘necessary’ evil as some might people call it. It’s a big election year yet again and the smear campaigns are spewing across the airwaves. I despise this time of the year.The last thing I want to do is get on a website, open an email, pick up the phone, flip through the channels, or talk to someone just to hear hate.
People think I’m joking when I say that I would probably vote for the least visible nominee than the name that is being bandied about everywhere (as long as I agree with them morally and Biblically).
I would much rather support someone who doesn’t spend money tearing down their opponent. I think that shows a strength of character. The ability to withstand and not throw back the hatred that scared people shovel is a mark of a good person.
Why would we want people who spend millions of dollars on digging up skeletons on the opponent? EVERYONE has sin in their pasts (and their futures and presents)- and yes, we don’t want leaders who have harem of mistresses in the wings or strung out on drugs guiding us on the already bumpy path.
But, I wonder. What could be done with all that money that is being paid to sneak around bushes with cameras and others to hack into computers?
Imagine what could be accomplished if the candidate spent their money on things they are ‘promising’ to do in their term? What if they started before they were hired? They would have proof of what they say they will do for us, rather than us having false hope that they would follow through. Imagine the possibilities of having only candidates in the race who have proven themselves before they even tried to get your attention!
We would be voting for the right person for the job rather than the lesser of two evils. We would be voting for a morally conscience person rather than choosing between an inhaler or an adulterer.
Think of the schools that would have the supplies needed because the candidate cares.
Think of the money that could infuse health care, veteran hospitals, small town business and so many other ‘hot topics’ that are used to bash each over the head rather than create change.
Rather than spending the constituents’ money on trying to bury the other opponent- what if politicians changed their image and were what we needed?
Stop with smear campaigns and start doing what you say you will do.
It shouldn’t make the news because you are ‘suspending negative campaign commercials’  because of a horrible shooting massacre. Instead, how about it making the news when a candidate actually does a negative campaign?
These are just some thoughts as we get deeper into this election year.
Eagerly awaiting the day the commercials are off of the screen and out of the paper.


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