Tumbling Trust

I fell. I fell hard. Ok, honestly? I tripped and fell down cement stairs on Sunday. Not my
brightest moment of the week. I had been having a hard time for a couple days earlier with a twinge-y nerve. I get them randomly in my lower back which makes nearly impossible to walk or bend. I don’t put up with it very well. I’m rather impatient, because it NEVER happens when I could actually have time to sit down.
I had to get my laundry done. So I decided to walk slowly down the stairs, thought I was already down and… BAM! Suddenly I was on my side with my ankle on fire and wondering how in the world I had gotten there. In the midst of something like that happening, I wasn’t sobbing. I was just wondering, ok? Which first? I’m down here- might as well finish my laundry right? Go back upstairs to get ice and make sure I wasn’t bleeding?
Yes, I was probably circling the shock drain at that moment.
It wasn’t until my roommate pulled in a few moments later that I actually started to cry. It wasn’t until I called my parents fifteen minutes later that I started to sob. Because things were being taken care of, and darn it! I wanted sympathy! 🙂 And yes, I got my laundry done. I refused to wrap and ice my ankle until I was done with it, because as soon as I did that I knew I wasn’t getting up again. (I know not the smartest move either…)
Looking back at what could have happen, I know it could have been a whole lot worse. I could have fallen at the top of the stairs, making me go tumble down ten or so steps. I could have fallen OVER the rail rather than just hitting my head on it. Things could have been really bad. I could have broken rather than spraining my ankle, could have been bleeding from my skull rather than having a bruised area etc.. etc… etc…
Even in the midst of ‘tragedy’ there are blessings. If we just took the time to step back after it’s done and realized exactly how much God protected us, we’d be amazed. I’m not saying that bad things won’t happen, people will die, and life has a way of taking it all out on our hides sometimes, but there is protection.
Plus on the bright side, most of the swelling is down so my ankle should be better for the new job that I got. But right now, I’m going to put my ankle up and get some ice while I do some more homework. God is good, no matter the circumstances. My trust isn’t going to be shaken because of a fall down the stairs.
Watch out for your own feet! 🙂


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