A Year of blogging, Easter, quilting, and 27 years

This has been a busy last two week! I celebrated my first full year of blogging at the end of March! 😉  I’m actually surprised that I have done so. But, here we are. Hopefully, I’m saying something at least a bit interesting for the ‘Net world! Thanks for all of those who check into my blog, it’s an encouragement to see those numbers in the statistics.

Over my spring break I have learned how to sew with the help of a friend, making my first two quilting projects- a wall hanging and two reversible pillows. I think I have possibly found a new hobby!

Then of course, this last weekend- got to spend some time with my wonderfully awesome grandparents for an early Easter dinner. Then I participated in my church’s prayer vigil before Easter.

Prayer vigils are so interesting. I actually over went my allotted time because I was in such a good place- reading through the prophecies that Jesus Christ the Messiah fulfilled as foretold by Isaiah. Prayer has this ability of cleaning out your mind and if you do it correctly change your heart. We don’t do it nearly enough nor long enough. I am attempting to make it more of an active part in my life.

Easter- Church brunch and a sermon on a beautiful day. I love my church. It’s a wonderful family that supports and loves each other. Sure we have our issues just like any family, but we work together.

It is now my 27th birthday. 27 years of life. Life is full of beauty and tears. I’m starting to learn how to see the beauty IN the tears. This last year in particular, tears have flown mightily while saying good bye to 6 dear people who have shaken this mortal coil. I know that five of them will be waiting for me when I reach the gates of heaven, but sadly I don’t know about that 6th one. I ended up having a friendship end over reasons that still don’t make sense to me, even after trying to reconcile with this person numerous times.

I had the pleasure of seeing 6 friends join in marriage this last year along with a few new babies joining us.  (Things seem to happen in 6s’ around me recently!) I’ve made friends with new people, had the chance to play ‘mentor’ to a wonderful 90 year old woman, got to get to know a wonderful female missionary, and so many other beautiful relational moments. I have deepened my relationships with 6 women who have been so encouraging to me. God truly blessed me with some awe-inspiring talks with some lovely women.

Blessings have been coming to me in so many odd moments that have just continually inspire me. Possibilities are abounding for me right now and I’m eager to learn what God has planned for my next year. God has big plans with me and he is giving me some really inspiring women to encourage me.

I will keep learning wherever I go because- If I’m not learnin’ I’m dyin’!

This next year will be epic no matter where God takes me!


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