Remind Us

Remind Us (written 12/01) RKG

Brothers, I bid thee, put down your swords, and rather pick up the arms of your fellow man, 

                                 Sisters, to thee I ask, please pick up the                                                         needle of truth and the thread of wisdom and stitch us together with love, 

Wise old men, lend us your strength from your forgotten youth,

Wise old women, give us your wisdom and tell us your stories of our past and our heroes of honor,

Children, remind us of our innocence, and our excitement to be alive,

Infants, remind us how to cry without shame,

God, remind us, most of all, that You are there to pick us up if we should fall, for you are a Generous Lord,

Death, remind us that our time on Earth is a short one, and that we must live in peace and love,

War, help us to fear your hatred,

Mankind, help us to remember each other in our prayers, in our actions, and in our hearts.

Lend us your passion and love, and we will give you peace and freedom.

*** This is dedicated to all the Men and Women who fight for our freedom, God Bless you and keep you from harm.***

I wrote this 10 years ago for a Christmas Eve Service at my church. It was published in my school’s yearbook as well as the Chehalis Veteran’s Memorial Museum’s newsletter the next spring. It was a contemplation of what the nation as well as the world had went through since September 11th 2001. As a week has now passed since the 10th anniversary of that horribly faithful day, this poem has kept coming to mind. I wanted to share it once more and remind us all to be praying for those who have fought and will fight for our freedom as well as their families. Thank you for all those who serve in the Military! 


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