Use it all!

 “When you meet God in heaven, come empty handed, and tell him that you used all of his gifts and you have nothing left.”

This idea was brought to my attention a few years ago in a college chapel. It is something that has been brought back to mind numerous times since I first heard it.

We want to believe that when we get to heaven and meet God, we’ll hear those wonderful words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We did our best, and God knows it! How awesome would that be? But, if we want to hear those words, what should we do? How do we live so that we KNOW we’ve earned those words?

I think the way can be found in that quote. We are suppose to live our lives in all ways that mimic Christ. We are to live a godly and righteous life. We need to remember though- that it’s not through our works that we gain salvation, but through our faith in the sacrifice of Christ. But it is through our works, that our faith is shown. So how do we show our faith?

God gives us each certain gifts, whether you prefer to call them spiritual gifts or just knacks at certain things. God calls us to moments of time that are especially designed for us and how God in his infinite wisdom created us. It is those moments that we are to pour every iota of ourselves into, so that we may point another person to our God.

Those moments may be small or huge. Something that may go unnoticed in the grand scheme of life or something that involves many people. It doesn’t matter WHAT God calls you to do, but that you actually do it.

Each moment of our lives are moments in which we can be living out God’s love for someone.

Sometimes, God calls you to listen to a complete stranger for half hour in a store. God called upon me to step up and be a  compassionate listening ear today at Wal-Mart. A older gentleman who was taking care of his mother needed someone to just listen. His frustration could almost be tasted and because he felt like none of his friends were available to be that compassionate ear, he chose a complete stranger to unload on.

Now, as a busy American, I could have blown him off. Acted as if I couldn’t be bothered, that I didn’t hear his quiet yet seeking comment. This man from Iran could have once more been shown that Americans can’t stop a minute to reach out to another in friendship.

During that half hour, I kept my mouth shut for the most part, unless it was to show support for his situation. He didn’t want advice, he didn’t want me to fix it for him. He just wanted me to listen. That was it.

God called me to be there for that exact moment, so I could listen. Just listen.

God is calling you- to be his hands, his ears, his feet-for the people who seek him as well as those who know him.

Occasionally, we listen to the call and other times we don’t, but when we do, we advance God’s Kingdom, and show God’s love to one more person.

This is how we will show up in Heaven- a heart overflowing with the love of Christ and hands empty of the tools he gave us to love others.

Everything that we are, is a tool, a gift- something we can use to reach others.

If God gives us these abilities, who else should use them but those he gave them too?  I want to be able to say to God, “I did my best, I used everything You gave me.”

How are you living God’s love?

A wonderful song by Josh Wilson “I Refuse” really drives this idea home.


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